Acoustic measurements

Building Acoustics - Sound Insulation

Acoustic Measurements:


  • Airborne sound insulation (room to room)
  • Facade sound insulation

Cinema / Surround - Calibration and Testing

Cinema, respectively surround installations should offer an excellent sound experience.


The Meyer Sound EXP (Cine-Studio Series) speakers deliver phenomenally good sound with perfectly tuned speakers.


With the NTi-Audio XL2 (Audio Analyzer) we have a professional measurement solution for the efficient calibration and periodic quality control of Cinema speaker systems.


Environmental Noise Measurement

Measurements and monitoring of noise in the neighborhood, on the construction site, etc.


  • Noise recording
  • Sound level monitoring and documentation
sound level

Live Sound

Compliance with legal sound level limits.


The NTI-Audio XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer helps to comply with regulatory requirements for monitoring events according to DIN15905 & SLV.

live sound

Room Acoutics 

Effects of sound in rooms.


  • Impulse Response
  • Reverbation Time RT60
impulse response

Sound Reinforcement - Measuring and Optimizing

Professional speaker systems are acoustically influenced by the environment.


Complex sound systems should be adapted to each other and adjusted according to the application.

smaart v8

Speech Intelligibility - STI

Measurement of speech intelligibility of conference systems, announcement systems and evacuation systems.


  • Conference systems
  • Public Address (PA) systems
  • STIPA-Measurement
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