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Coleman Audio - SR7.1

Brand: Coleman Audio
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The SR7.1 gives precise level control for eight balanced audio signals. Fold down capabilites for stereo and mono and two 5.1 formats. Indiviual input mutes isolate surround speakers, L & R speaker mutes isolate the stereo fold down speakers. There are two internal switches, one for the mono fold down to be routed to either L & R or the center speaker and one which allows the LFE signal to be included in the stereo fold down so the SR7.1 could be used as a summing box too.

One input DB25 wired for 8 audio channels
One output DB25 wired for 8 audio channels
Fold down for two 5.1 formats
Fold down for stereo and mono
Individual input mutes and level trims
L & R speaker mutes for stereo fold down
All inputs and outputs are balanced