Hi-Level PM5000 5 Channel Mixer (Rotary).. Product #: hi-pm5000 At time not to sale

Hi-Level PM5000

Brand: Hi-Level
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A great House Music mixer with 5 channels, 5x (Line/Line/Mic) = 15 inputs. Each channel can be equipped with a RIAA phono card with special frequency response. (3x Phono cards ex factory). Modular phono RIAA preamp cards with Radio Station quality. Quality ALPS rotary potentiometers with large professional 29mm SIFAM rotary knobs. Gold plated connectors throughout. Insensitive, elegant teflon powder coated front panel. Large PFL-push buttons with ALPS switches. Brigded headphone output driving loads down 8 ohms (see specifications) with tremendous power which will destroy any headphone make. Crisp highs, smooth mids and unlimited, deep low end with special LF EQ circuit. Subsonic filter on Phono cards only. 

The HI-LEVEL PM5000 is manufactured since 1996 and was the Worlds 1st Rotary Control club mixer with Gain + Triple EQ per channel + crossfader. Followed by companies like Rane, Crest, Numark, Vestax, Ecler, gemini, Pioneer, ...  A collectors item of tomorrow!

Your Options: any kind/brand of conductive or carbon type rotary potentiometers from Penny & Giles, Koon, Clarostat/Honeywell, Noble, Bourns, ALPS, Ruf, etc. ; conductive plastic crossfader; without crossfader; crossfader between 2 channels only; up to 5 phono cards; transformer balanced outputs; ... We will custom build your PM5000!