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In Digital USB Mode
The USB DI Plus VC has an inbuilt 24 bit High Resolution digital to analog converter (DAC) which removes the need to use a Computer's existing internal sound card outputs, with their inherent noise and distortion.

The USB DI Plus VC installs as a fully compatible generic "Plug and Play" USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation.

The USB DI Plus VC 's DAC delivers Professional Line Level audio signals to Left and Right balanced XLR outputs.

When switched to USB mode the USB DI Plus VC is powered via the USB cable, so no batteries or phantom power required to use it.

In Analog Mode:
Many Tablet Devices, Phones and iPads have no direct USB Digital Audio output, and interfacing their Audio with the professional world of balanced audio can be problematic.

Switching the USB DI Plus VC to Analog mode effortlessly solves this problem by buffering the audio signal from the Headphone or Line output and producing a Professional Balanced Line Level audio signal on Left and Right balanced XLR outputs.

To ensure reliability, Analog mode is passive with no batteries or phantom power required for use.

Low Noise
Both the USB DI Plus VC Digital and Analog operating modes feature full transformer balanced output isolation. This eliminates earth loops / ground hum and helps remove extraneous interaction noise and distortion ensuringt noise free operation even in the harshest audio environments.

Input Connector Digital - USB type B port

Input Connectors Analog - Stereo Mini-Jack input, standard Left and Right 6.5mm Jacks

Codec 24 bit High Resolution, 44.1 and 48 KHz

Output Impedance 300 Ohms Transformer Balanced

Output Level Maximum nominal output level 0dB, user variable via front panel volume control

Output Noise
USB - System dependent
ISO transformer - Enviroment sensitive

Frequency Response 20 - 20 KHz ± 0.5 dB

Power Operating current via USB Port 80mA in uSB mode

Output Connectors
2 x Male XLR, wired Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold. Pin 1 - switchable via Ground Lift switch on rear

All-steel chassis, fibreglass PCB, epoxy printing, slip-resistant rubber base pad

System Requirements for USB operation

Computer runningWindows XP, 7/8/10 or Mac running OS X or later
USB port
Precision engineered
With a couple of exceptions, all products in the Audibox range share a common footprint and manufacturing platform.
Offset lid screws enable close side-by-side mounting of multiple units.