Noise Level | Events

ab 93 dB(A)Notifiable
100 dB(A)Max. average per houre (LAeq1h)
125 dB(A)Max. peak (LAFmax)


Children's concerts and events for young people up to 16 years of age: max. 93 dB(A)


Quiet space: min. 10% of the location, <85 dB(A)

Liabilities CH
Max. average level93-96 dB(A)96-100 dB(A)96-100 dB(A)
Max. level125 dB(A)125 dB(A)125 dB(A)
Duration  < 3h> 3h
Announce eventxxx
Inform for high noise levelxxx
Inform for hearing riskxxx
Offer ear protectionxxx
Monitoring noise levelxxx
Record noise level  x
Quiet room  x
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