Noise Level | Events

ab 93 dB(A) Notifiable
100 dB(A) Max. average per houre (LAeq1h)
125 dB(A) Max. peak (LAFmax)
99 dB(A) LAeq (30min)
125 dB(C) LCpeak
105 dB(A) LAeq (15min)
120 dB LFmax
Liabilities CH
Categories A B C D
Max. average level 93 dB(A) 96 dB(A) 100 dB(A) 100 dB(A)
Max. level 125 dB(A) 125 dB(A) 125 dB(A) 125 dB(A)
Duration     to 3h over 3h
Announce event   x x x
Inform for high noise level   x x x
Inform for hearing risk   x x x
Offer ear protection   x x x
Monitoring noise levelx x x x
Record noise level       x
Quiet room       x


Children's concerts and events for young people up to 16 years of age: max. 93 dB(A)

Quiet space: min. 10% of the location, <85 dB(A)


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