Symetrix Solus NX 8x8 8-In/Out Signal Processor, Ethernet, Control-In, Logic-Out  .. Product #: sym-solus8 Regular price: $2,024.14 $2,024.14 2 - 3 Tage

Symetrix - Solus NX 8x8

Marke: Symetrix
Verfügbarkeit: 2 - 3 Tage

Preis: CHF 2'180.00
Netto: CHF 2'024.14

Three Analog Audio Input/Output Options. Solus NX 4×4 (4 in, 4 out), Solus NX 8×8 (8 in, 8 out), Solus NX 16×8 (16 in, 8 out). All three models feature front panel display of system status and analog audio levels with the use of single push-button to navigate menus.

Unlimited Programming Flexibility. Solus NX is programmed using Composer – Symetrix’ award winning open-architecture CAD application. Unique to Composer is the ability to natively configure Symetrix and select third party Dante hardware – thereby eliminating the confusion of multiple or redundant software applications.

Control Made Easy. Multiple control options include low-cost Symetrix ARC wall panels and an easy to generate SymVue Windows virtual GUI. The human readable Composer Control Protocol supports programming of third-party touch screens and control devices.

An Embedded Web Server for Status and Even More Control. Solus NX’ embedded web server displays I/O levels, diagnostics data, and hosts ARC-WEB – a browser-based interface for smart phones, tablets, and computers.